Andre and Tika are an inseparable couple bound by love. Love of art, food, lovely places, games, and of course, each other. Our late morning with them started with eggs, coffee, comedy-laced conversations, and card games. Yet, amidst all of the fun, we make time to do some real talk to these two seemingly different souls about what connects them both into matrimony.


It’s a day after Andre Yoga’s opening night for his group exhibition ‘Berubah Benyah’ with two other artists. His Saturday night was wild, but Sunday seemed more serene—it was the calm after the storm. We met at Baked in Pererenan to enjoy some brunch. Andre came with his wife Kartika or Tika, and together they are newlyweds with an urge for some scrambled eggs. Actually, the two other artists that exhibited their works in ‘Berubah Benyah’ were Dea Rahajeng and me—it felt meta. So we talked about the exhibition and decided to give Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm a visit, the place where our show took place. We strolled into the gallery, took another look at our art, captured some photos, and finally sat down in the backyard part of the place. A Gojek driver suddenly appears, bringing brand-new playing cards to Andre. “We actually have plenty of cards at home because Andre often forgot to bring it and end up buying more,” said Tika jokingly. Everybody laughed, and we continued the day by playing rounds of capsa banting, a popular card game in Indonesia similar to poker. When the sun came out with its heat, we stopped playing and started talking to know a little bit more about Tika and Andre.



You both dated for about three years and then finally tied the knot. What makes marriage different?

Tika: It’s similar because we already lived together in the same house before marriage. Maybe Andre now plays a more responsible role in our house. For example, he doesn’t hesitate anymore to go to the front door to pick up packets hehe.

Andre: Haha! Basically I become a husband. Actually there are new couple goals such as buying a house and having kids. I also change my style because I think sneakers are kinda childish.

So, you stop wearing sneakers altogether, Andre?

Andre: No…no, I still gonna use it, especially in casual settings.

A day in the life of Tika and Andre?

Tika: Although we live and work in the same house, we have separate things to do during the day. We don’t talk to each other until our work is done, I worked on our jewelry brand Studio Tanda, and Andre painted in his studio. I like to do things alone, I have this kind of rhythm of work. But, I will ask for Andre’s help when needed, especially in designs and launching events.

Andre: Sometimes, in the studio, I also asked Tika for her opinion. But to be honest, I rarely listen to her, haha!

Tika: Yeah, he just liked the conversation.



How about outside the house?

Andre: When we are outside, we go everywhere together. We recently watched plenty of movies in the cinema. I loved James Bond, especially the visuals.

Tika: But the story is boring…I liked Suicide Squad better. It’s a fun movie that doesn’t get boring until the end.

You both came from two different backgrounds. Andre is a Balinese Christian, and Tika is a Moslem that came from Jakarta. Are there any obstacles in your relationship because of that?

Andre: No, but there’s some issues earlier in our relationship. My mom talked to Tika in Balinese, but she didn’t understand it. So I first thought it would be a problem, but although she doesn’t understand Balinese, she is friendly to my parents, and being nice doesn’t have any language barriers.

Tika: Culture shock at first. Andre likes to eat with noises coming from his mouth because it shows that the food is good. But because I am raised as a Javanese, things like that are considered rude. But after a while, it became just another funny story.

Andre: Next thing you know, we got married! I remember that Tika came to me with optimism. She gives me solutions to problems. Being in a relationship with her is easy.

Alright, so what do you think unites you both?

Andre: I love to be pampered, and Tika love to spoil me, hehe.

Tika: Actually, I am rigid when it comes to organizing everything, and I see a scattered quality in Andre, so we balance each other out. Studio Tanda unites us, and in terms of rings creation, I am pessimistic, while all the wild imaginations come from Andre. Again, we meet in the middle, balance it out, and next thing you know, our ideal ring was created.

I guess you both love art, but how does art play a role in your relationship?

Andre: We always talk about art from market, execution, and artists’ perspective. I guess it’s our passion! So art also unites us both.

Tika: After marriage, we also notice other artists that have families. I think that family time and work should be divided well, both should be sustainable. We saw senior artists such as Agung Mangu Putra does that well. Studio Tanda is actually an art collaboration between us that surprisingly flourishes into a sustainable business. Also, I like to create a super-smaller version of Andre’s painting!




Favorite places in Bali?

Andre: We recently went to Kintamani and stayed at a resort… it’s in the middle forest, cold, and it feels like being Japan. We also had a picnic and played capsa banting there.

Tika: It’s Tira Vilagna. Andre said it’s also like being in a kampung or village. It is pleasant because the building is a joglo or cottage and we can hear the sounds of nature. It’s one of our honeymoon spots aside from Candi Beach Resort.

Andre: Honeymoon would be perfect if there’s Netflix!

Tika: Andre and I also like to go on dates to Sayan House near Ubud. We also had our wedding there.

How about your favorite food?

Andre: Nasi goreng babi or pork fried rice at Pison, any Pison.

Tika: On our honeymoon, we actually had to go on a detour from Kintamani to Candidasa just to stop by to eat at Pison in Ubud.

How about you Tika? What’s your favorite food?

Tika: Nasi goreng babi at Pison, haha! I also liked to eat at Sayan House because of the place and zaru soba at Seki Tei.

Andre and Tika’s very own relationship guide?

Andre: Accepting each other differences.

Tika: Trust each other.

Andre: That should be the article headline, accepting differences and trusting each other, haha.

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Andre & Tika written by Rama Indirawan photos by Dea Rahajeng

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