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Elami & co

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Handmade on a gelatin plate with acrylic paints using tropical Balinese leaves and flowers. Handbound and using recycled paper from Saraswati papers. Inside this edition of notebooks, you will find plain papers.

The monoprint process is completely different from collaging or pasting materials onto a surface. To make the monoprints on this notebook, the artist imprints areas of a gelatin plate with acrylic paints and then exposes the plate to paper.

Inking the gelatin plate adds depth and variations to the resulting image, and depending on the color scheme she uses—and whether she includes the ghost prints—the exact imagery will vary. The end result is an original art piece unlike anything else in your collection.

Size: A5, 100 pages, 80GSM, FSC paper inside, recycled paper cover

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