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Hunt of Hounds

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Skulls are symbols of the ephemeral and changeable nature of life, and act as reminders to cherish each day. Power up your look with these quirky studs.


Daily Wear & Care

We recommend taking off all vermeil pieces when working out, washing your hands, showering, swimming, and cleaning.

Exposure to cleansers, detergents, disinfectants, perfumes, and lotions, can accelerate the wear of vermeil.

Take caution when using hand sanitizer. When possible, remove your jewellery prior to application - especially gold plated pieces.

Sterling silver and solid gold are more resilient to exposure to alcohol and can be worn for infrequent application of hand sanitizer.

Our sterling silver and solid gold pieces can be worn when washing your hands with mild soap. Take care to not scratch the surface or damage gemstones as you move your hands.

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